In this blog post, we discuss what a mechanical and electrical contractor is, and how to find the best one for your heating and ventilation implementation.

Why use Mechanical and Electrical Contractors?

When it comes to having effective heating and ventilation systems that work efficiently, it’s important to hire the right expertise. Having a badly installed heating system can have all sorts of issues and, in the long run, could be much more costly - not just to run on a daily basis, but to repair or replace!

Lawton BES has been around for a long time & is on hand to help with any mechanical or electrical services. We have more than enough experience in areas such as hot water services and the implementation of heating and ventilation systems.

What expertise is needed for mechanical and electrical contractors, and the work they do?

A range of skills is needed from the experience of pipework implementation to heating design and electrical work. In fact, you might sometimes hear different terms used such as special pipework contractors or heating engineers.

Successful implementation from start to finish requires a team with varied skills. At Lawton, for example, we have building services engineers as well as electricians in order to design, implement and test a fully working system.

It’s not just about heating

A heating and ventilation system isn’t just about heating up a building (which is, of course, very important, especially in the UK). With the rise in the pandemic and our modern-day way of living and working, good air ventilation in buildings has never been more important.

Our fully implemented systems are built to provide heating, cooling and the highest level of air ventilation. It might seem strange to call our experts heating engineers, but their scope reaches far beyond that!

The same applies to water. As well as hot water services, Lawton provides cold water services which are vital to the smooth running of the system.

Pipes and electrics

An effective system requires two things: power and a way to carry air and water and this is why electrical implementation and pipework are so important. In fact, these two elements are often undervalued, yet the system cannot operate properly without them.

Special pipework contractors know how to optimise plumbing and pipework, while electricians are essential to ensuring that there is enough power going to the right places in the overall system - and that the electrical system is safe.

Finding help for your implementation

Implementation of a heating and ventilation system requires lots of expertise and various skills. When looking for a mechanical and electrical contractors, make sure to understand what skills they have, and what areas of the project they can do.

Some contractors, for example, might not have the electrical expertise or qualifications, in which case an electrician is needed who understands the mechanics and design uniqueness of a heating and ventilation system.

A proven approach to designing heating and ventilation systems

At Lawton BES, we provide end to end solutions including support from our inhouse electricians, building services engineers and project management teams. Over the years, we have designed a process that’s proven to meet the requirements of our clients.

We are based in Oxfordshire but serve customers across the UK. If you would like to find out more about our services, get in touch, or you can view mechanical and electrical contractors