Renewable heating

Staying warm in the winter can sometimes be a challenge, but possibly not as big a challenge as the one we face as global citizens - to protect the planet by using more renewable heating and keep global warming from increasing.

The two challenges seem paradoxically opposed. We want to warm ourselves, but not the planet. The British climate and winters that we face mean that buildings need to be heated to reduce risks to our health, but how do we do that, knowing that we are impacting the environment? Keeping up the temperature within the education sector such as in the classroom shouldn’t lead to rising temperatures for the planet.

This challenge isn’t unique to the heating of homes and schools. What we eat, how we travel, and many other ways of daily life face the same conundrum. The more we eat, travel or work, the more risk there is of emitting unwanted CO2.

Luckily, with all of these challenges, there are options and ways to make a positive impact.

Our expert heating engineering contractors can give you sound advice and share knowledge about the ways to use renewable heating and ventilation for classrooms and student accommodation.

With travelling, the focus is on electric cars and the food industry is using innovative ways to reduce consumption and packaging while the heating industry is using Lawton heating and ventilation contractors and our many years of knowledge and expertise.

Smart heating and ventilation systems for a better future

At Lawton Building and Engineering Services, we work with schools and colleges to maximise the efficiency of their heating and ventilation systems. Over the years, we have adapted our solutions to allow schools to reduce their carbon footprint while still providing warmth and good air circulation for students and teachers.

The first step is to have a Renewable Energies Review which allows buildings to be checked fully to see where improvements can be made.

Once the renewable energies review is complete, opportunities are highlighted where the heating and ventilation systems for schools, colleges or university buildings can be made more efficient. This could be through a combination of changes including improved plumbing and the installation of special pipes and a new heating system, or smart controls that allow heating and air ventilation to be controlled better.

Renewable Heating Installation: Looking at the bigger picture

When the government talks about solar panels or heat pumps, this is only part of the bigger picture. Having a single component installed that optimises heat production can be of very little use if a school, college, or university building is unable to circulate air efficiently, or if a building is leaking heat.

It’s like putting a bigger engine on a boat that has holes in it and is grounded. The boat won’t get very far until other elements such as the holes are fixed, and the boat is ungrounded.

When it comes to improving heat efficiencies in a school, college, or university the entire system needs to be reviewed and this may result in the need to add or upgrade parts of the heating, ventilation, or plumbing system.

Are you ready to heat your students, and not the planet?

Get in touch with our team of heating engineering contractors in Oxfordshire and we can review your energy usage and provide details on how we can improve your consumption by creating renewable heating for your school, college or university.