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About Lawton (BES) Limited

Our values start as a simple and defined set of goals, which it is hoped; will help us to be a more honest, transparent and fairer company.

Our Staff

Understandably, we are proud of our loyal workforce, all local to the office from which they operate, they are highly skilled and time served tradesmen. All foreman engineers have the appropriate NVQ or C&G Qualifications (Advanced Craft NVQ Level 3). Gas engineers are ACS tested and listed on the FGas Safe register.

Staff Investment And Career Development Lawton BES has a strict education and training policy at all levels, with positive encouragement given to the achievement of appropriate and recognised trade qualifications. We actively train through the trade bodies of which we are members, with operatives attending Risk Assessment and Health and Safety Courses. 

Our Experience

Lawtons handle a vast variety of projects, and specialise in taking the project from inception/design through the construction process towards the commission phase and then handover to the client. This often involves meetings with the client from a very early stage and assisting in the evolution, planning and life cycle maintenance, so ensuring critical project prerequisites are achieved: i.e. programme or financial restraints.

OUr Values

The Company’s growth can be attributed to a number of clear values, which were considered imperative from conception.

These were an unremitting desire to evolve and improve standards of service and quality of workmanship, to actively pursue and embrace a non-adversarial approach to contracting, and ensure a user friendly company with a sound reputation for reliability and competence. This together with our honest commitment to our entire workforce; our most valued asset.

Staff Values

We aim to ensure the wellbeing of all our staff without exception. We strive to give support and understanding at all levels. 

Customer Values

We aim to provide all our customers with a first class service from start to finish, and at a cost which is competitive within the market place. 

Safety Values

Our commitment to the safety and security of all our staff and the community as a whole is paramount. We are constantly monitoring and challenging our own health and safety procedures.

Environmental Values

We strive on a daily basis to show respect for our environment. 


We strive on a daily basis to show respect for our environment. We aim to reduce travelling with engineers selected for contracts based upon their home and its proximity to the site. We try wherever possible to source products locally to reduce the air miles for materials. Whilst its is not always possible to avoid site meetings, we are trying to encourage the use of modern technology such as skype. Design projects are carefully considered, and we always aim to use clever design and high efficiency materials/product selection to achieve this.

When these points come together, reputations are made. We are trading on ours.


Formed during the early 1990’s, over the last two decades Lawtons have achieved an enviable customer base, providing design, supply, and installation of commercial and industrial heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing, and energy conservation services.


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